Jesus is Lord

Every child of God has experienced the moment where they’ve recognized that Jesus is Lord. The designation as “Lord” is the Greek word kurios (κύριος), “an adjective, signifying “having power or authority,” and is used of kings; or one who owns or has the disposal of anything; or one to whom service is due on […]

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We Choose the Path

One of the earliest non-inspired Christian writings was The Didache. Compiled around A.D. 100 to 130, it was designed as a how-to guide on becoming and being a Christian, written in Old Testament fashion for New Testament believers. The New Testament is compiled in a recognized literary style – epistolary, in which we read the […]

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Your Bible’s Bells & Whistles

Your copy of the Bible is likely chock full of extra features to help you study more efficiently. Let’s take a few moments and get familiar with them, like learning the buttons and gadgets on a new automobile. Here are a few: Concordance: This is usually near the back. It’s an index of significant words with […]

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Super-focused Faith

After the Dallas Cowboys won the 1993 Super Bowl against the Buffalo Bills by a landslide (52-17), a reporter asked Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson what he had told his players before the big game.  “I kind of told them a story that you have a two-by-four,” he said, “and you lay the two-by-four across […]

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Fired-up Faith

The daily duties and challenges of living for God can sap our energy.  We are called upon to muster enough strength to keep going through the same tests and to keep doing the same things over and over again.  Satan wants serving God to be drudgery. It’s kind of like a dairy farmer said, “The […]

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Let us pray

When we are feeling weak spiritually, we can pray and the Lord will strengthen us (2 Cor. 12:9).  Here is an overview of why and how we should pray, as presented in the Bible: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from […]

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The Gospel of the Axhead

If we “search the Scriptures,” we will find passages in the Old Testament that typify the saving message of Jesus Christ (see John 5:39). In II Kings 6, we read about something that was lost, and how it was found: And the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “See now, the place where we […]

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What We were Meant to be

If we aren’t experiencing joy in our spiritual lives, perhaps we may need to get on track with what we were meant to be. The path of spiritual development described for us in Scripture has several distinct features: ➤ Establishment: We are meant to create a relationship with Jesus on the terms He outlines in […]

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That Little Something Extra

When in Louisiana, you may be treated to some “lagniappe” (pronounced LAN-yap). This isn’t a Cajun dish. It is a colloquial term that means “a little something extra.” A merchant, clerk or salesman may throw in an additional perk or two as a way of showing kindness and generating goodwill. This is similar to a […]

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