Bible Class is Important, Any Way You Look at It

We can know Bible class is important when we LOOK UP. The main textbook for our study is the Word of God, the One who is above all of us (II Tim. 2:15). We show the Lord we have our priorities in the right place when we are regular and responsible in our Bible class participation (Matt. 6:33). The Lord expects us to be committed students of His word (Hosea 4:6; II Peter 3:18).

We recognize Bible class is important when we LOOK BACK. All of us have sins and wrongs we want to overcome. “All have sinned” (Rom. 3:23). A careful study of God’s word can keep us from repeating our bad history (II Tim. 3:16-17; Psalm 119:11) and will guide us in the way to receive the Lord’s forgiveness (II Tim. 3:15; James 1:21).

We can understand how Bible class is important when we LOOK AHEAD. In the calm of Bible study, we prepare for the storms of life we’ll encounter (Matt. 7:24-25). “There’s a great day coming,” too, and we will be judged by the Word (John 12:48).

When we LOOK WITHIN us, we see the significance of Bible class. Faith in God comes from His word (Rom. 10:17). If your faith is struggling, it can be built up by concentrated study of the Scriptures (Acts 20:32). Greater familiarity with the Bible will also help us make wiser choices (Psalm 119:105) and improve our discernment (Psalm 119:104; Acts 17:11; I John 4:1).

Bible class is important when we LOOK AROUND us, too. We give and receive encouragement by meeting with brothers and sisters in Christ for Bible study (Acts 2:42; Heb. 10:24-25). Everyone benefits from serious and thoughtful study and discussion of Scripture, like “iron sharpeneth iron” (Prov. 27:17).

I look forward to seeing you in Bible class.   – – Jay Tidwell